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Join Dan and Janice as they talk travel, dream big, and set out on a new adventure in their 27' Airstream trailer, Evangeline. Out for 64 days on the road this summer with their 13-year-old, 3-year-old, and dog, they're exploring the American Southwest while navigating through life's challenges along the way. Listen weekly and come along for the ride!

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    Day 65: End of the Road

    Surrounded by a chorus of crickets, Janice and Dan share one last night on the road with you. It's a bittersweet full circle as they end the trip at the same campsite they started in, just outside Lasalle, Illinois.

    Coming back to the same place they started get them thinking about just how far they've come--both in terms of miles (7,000 of them) and in terms of skill. But it's also a chance to reflect on the places they've been and the adventures they've had.

    And finally, it's a chance to think ahead, to start planning new adventures both near and far and we invite you to start too. We'll see you on the road!

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    Day 64: One Final Blowout

    Week 10 opens with one of the last two days on the road--and Dan and Janice are joined by the 4-year-old who has A LOT to say about the super fun campsite Janice had booked. With just two days left, she wanted one last blowout, and according to the 4-year-old, she accomplished that mission.

    It's hard to get a word in edgewise, but being back on the road home meant balancing distance with fun and with just two days left, Janice leaned fully into fun for this one.

    It was a good decision and a great last blowout.

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    Day 63: Rain Delay.

    Week Nine wraps up with a change of plans.

    Waking up to a huge rain storm this morning and looking at the weather radar, Dan and Janice realized that the next two days would be spent driving entirely through rain. Which sucks, and would have ruined the last few days of the trip.

    So, sometimes you've got to change plans.

    Shifting everything back by a day will mean mostly dry drive days, though the arrival back at home will be a little hectic since there are things on the other end that can't move.

    But, it's the right decision and with the kids playing Mario Bros in the background Dan and Janice discuss the change of plans.

    Week Nine concludes with a pause--to be continued in week 10!

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    Day 62: Just because you've passed through a place doesn't mean you know it.

    Week Nine takes a detour into Lincoln Nebraska, the latest stop on the road home. Instead of just pulling into the campsite and holing up, everyone follows the 14-year-old's lead and venture into Lincoln.

    This is a town that Dan and Janice have passed through for nearly 20 years and other than a couple short random stops have never really explored and it turns out, it's pretty charming!

    Plus, this extended run of drive days has Dan thinking about what's possible if you crank out 1000 miles in one shot like this.

    Week Nine and the Road Home continue!

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    Day 61: Stretched out on the Tarmac Six Miles South of North Platte.

    The Road Home begins, and the first stop lands Evangeline at a campground off I-80 in North Platte, Nebraska.

    It's nothing special but it's better than running out of gas which almost happened before they got there.

    Dan has a song stuck in his head, Janice is suffering in the humidity, the trees are big, and the open road beckons as Nebraska and Week Nine stretch out.

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    Day 60: Turning Back into a Pumpkin.

    This is it: the last day in Lyons Colorado and the last day before the drive home begins.

    It's a melancholy day, where everyone made the most of it but nobody wants this next stage to happen.

    Life on the road has been great, and with the extended stays in places like Lyons, Santa Fe, and Austin, they've been able to establish patterns and routines that make leaving all the harder.

    But leaving has to happen, so it's time to say goodbye to this beautiful town nestled in the mountains as Week Nine continues.

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    Day 59: Denver Day.

    After a slow couple days, Janice and the kid set out to have a blowout day in Denver and wow did it deliver, while Dan just stayed in the trailer and worked.

    He missed out though, with a whirlwind day through the mile high city including vising an enormous game store, eating tacos, going to the History Colorado Center, and grabbing ice cream.

    As week nine moves along and the days get shorter, make the most of it along with Janice and the kids in Denver!

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    Day 58: Interview with the 14-Year-Old.

    Janice is out with a friend tonight, so Dan sits down with the 14-year-old to get his perspective of life on the road.

    What's it like to be a teen sleeping on a table in a tiny space with your parents and little brother? What parts of the trip have really stood out? What does he like about living on the road? All your questions answered today!

    Week nine continues, and a new perspective is added!

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    Day 57: Scratching Things Off the List.

    Week Nine starts with a whimper. After three days of non-stop birthdaying, everyone is tired and fried. But beyond that, this is the start of the end--the last full week on the road, and the last few days in Lyons Colorado.

    It's had to have had all this time and suddenly to have so little, as things have to come off the list instead of being added to it.

    Plus, when you're tired you feel like you're losing the little time you've had. But it's not over yet and so join Janice and Dan outside of Evangeline for one last week of adventures.

    Week Nine starts here, but sure doesn't end here.

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    Day 56: Washing a Horse.

    Week Eight wraps ups with something unexpected: a horse bath.

    The title really tells the story here. Today the whole family got invited to give a horse a bath. You know, as happens.

    Well, Janice and Dan and the 4-year-old only watched, but the 14-year-old got fully immersed in the horse bathing extravaganza.

    Grab a carrot and feed a horse as Week Eight comes to a close.

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