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Join Dan and Janice as they talk travel, dream big, and plot their next adventure in their 27' Airstream trailer, Evangeline. Back from 60 days on the road this summer with their 13-year-old, 3-year-old, and dog, they are ready to answer your questions, plan the next trip, and navigate through life's challenges. Traveling doesn't end when the trip does. It's a never-ending quest for freedom and fun. Listen weekly and come along for the ride!

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    The Hitch Gift Guide

    Looking for gifts for the road tripper in your life? Or maybe that means gifts for YOU? Janice and Dan got together to make a gift guide of a TON of things that they use while they're out on the road!

    This episode they talk over some of the highlights from the list, with an emphasis on a lot of the things that do dual use both on the road and back at home.

    Shopping for others? Looking for yourself? We got you!

    For the full list, go to

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    Hey Hitch listeners!

    So both Janice & Dan are sick this week. We wanted to jump into your feed for just a second though to let you know that we will be back next week with our HITCH GIFT GUIDE for your road-trip gifting needs.

    To that end, if you have specific stuff you'd like recommendations for, please drop us a line!

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    Buying an Airstream

    A few episodes back, Dan and Janice fielded questions about buying a trailer and a tow vehicle. One listener wanted some more information about specifically buying an Airstream, so they're back!

    How did they decide on a model? How to find a dealer? What about online classifieds? Are there special loans? All this and more!

    It's cold in Chicago this December, so let's all pretend we're off walking around RV lots and dreaming of spring.

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    Stuck in the Snow

    With winter hitting the US early, Dan and Janice talk about their worst winter road trip! Take a snowy trip down memory lane with The Hitch crew.

    Sometimes things don't go quite according to plan, and when their car starts making weird sounds in the middle of a massive blizzard, Dan and Janice have to think quickly. The result? An unexpected lengthy stopover in rural Nebraska!

    How to make the best of it when everything goes wrong: this week on The Hitch!

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    The Handmade Teardrop Trailer (part two)

    This week Dan and Janice are joined once again by Matt Berger, author of The Handmade Teardrop Trailer which is OUT NOW and is amazing.

    Last week, they learned about Matt's motivations and some of the history of the teardrop trailer itself. This week, they're going into the garage and learning how Matt put this thing together piece by piece.

    What was hard? What was easy? Matt did it all and is here to tell Dan and Janice more about it.

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    The Handmade Teardrop Trailer (part one)

    Janice and Dan have stored Evangeline for the winter, so they thought they'd do something new: Talk to someone else about their love of trailers and camping!

    Today (and next week) they talk with Matt Berger, the author of the incredible new book (OUT THIS WEEK) The Handmade Teardrop Trailer.

    You read that right: Matt made his own trailer. What?? Exactly.

    Janice and Dan had so many questions that they broke the interview into two parts. This week they talk about his love of making and of camping, why he started started this project, and what he learned about teardrops as he researched the history of them.

    Matt's book is November 15 and is both super interesting and super beautiful. Pick it up!

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    Choosing a Campground

    Are you thinking about hitting the road, but aren't sure how to find a campground that's right for you?

    This week Janice and Dan answer questions about what to look for in a campground, the different types, and how to make the decision that's going to make the best camping experience possible for you and your family. Plus, they talk about some of their favorite spots both on big trips and small.

    From National Parks to Jellystone Park, join Janice and Dan for a look at what's out there and why it's right for you.

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    Anxious Driving

    Janice and Dan answer YOUR questions about anxious driving. They share their best tips for reducing anxiety while on the road, as well as strategies for motivating to take those drives in spite of fear and doubt!

    Buckle up, check your rearview, side mirrors, and backup camera, and let's do this!

    Thanks so much to our listeners who have written in. We love to hear from you!

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    The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

    Come along, with Dan, Janice, and family as they take Evangeline out for one last camping trip of the season!

    Told over the course of four days in Madison, Wisconsin, where the weather is literally freezing and there is a football game they didn't know about that brings a lot of cold weather campers to their campground. Wander the blustery streets of Madison with them, looking for adventure, and then retreat back to Evangeline, where thankfully, the heater is cranking.

    Will it snow? Will pipes freeze? Will Janice remember how to tow? Hop on in and find out.

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    Getting Your Rig (part two)

    Have you ever wondered what the differences are between Class A, Class B, and Class C RVs?

    Are you having trouble deciding where to start looking for a new trailer or motorhome?

    Have you considered going to an RV show for fun? No, really.

    In this episode of The Hitch, Janice and Dan discuss all of these things, as well as some of their favorite trailers and motorhomes they have run across while looking. Remember, it's always free and fun to look and it's never too early to start! So grab your notebook and let's go!

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