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Join Dan and Janice as they talk travel, dream big, and plot their next adventure in their 27' Airstream trailer, Evangeline. Back from 60 days on the road this summer with their 13-year-old, 3-year-old, and dog, they are ready to answer your questions, plan the next trip, and navigate through life's challenges. Traveling doesn't end when the trip does. It's a never-ending quest for freedom and fun. Listen weekly and come along for the ride!

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    Getting Your Rig (part one)

    How did Dan and Janice get their trailer--what was their decision making process like and how did it all go? And, more importantly, how can YOU get your rig together so you can hit the road?

    On this episode of The Hitch, Dan and Janice answer YOUR questions about their setup and how to get started making a trailer & tow vehicle purchase.

    Looking for (and buying) a trailer is a big task so today's episode is the first of a two-parter! Tune in next week to hear more about trailer types, things they've looked at before, and other ways of getting on the road too.

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    Traveling With Kids

    Janice and Dan are so excited because people wrote to them and they have questions to answer!

    In this episode, they answer questions about traveling with kids: When should you leave? What should you bring? How do you handle the screaming? What about privacy?

    Listen and find out what they think are the best tips for surviving and thriving with kids on the road.

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    They're back! Join Janice and Dan back inside Evangeline. No, they're not back on the road, just dropping off some bedding after a month away from the trailer but they're here to catch you up on how they've been and also to give you BIG NEWS on the future of The Hitch! Because after a month away, they're ready to hitch back up.

    That's right: Janice and Dan may be off the road (for now), but they're back to give thoughts, stories, and advice to get YOU moving on your own adventures.

    So get in contact with your questions about road tripping, about advice for embarking on adventures, and for thoughts on how to pick up the pieces after life's challenges have gotten the best of you!

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    Day 61: Unhitched

    They’re home. Sad and exhausted and recorded in the basement of their home (which feels huge) Janice and Dan look back at the last day and ahead at what’s next.

    It’s been an amazing sixty-one days full of struggle and triumph and errands and just life. Thank you for joining Janice and Dan in the trailer, and keep following to find out what’s next.

    It’s goodbye, but only just for now.

    Because, as they say in this episode: the best parts of their life are lived on the road, so it won’t be long until they’re back out again.

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    Day 60: One More Night

    This is it, the last night in the trailer. Tonight Janice and Dan are joined in the trailer by their 13-year-old who looks back on the last eight weeks with them.

    It’s a bittersweet goodbye punctuated by teenage humor, but there’s a lot to reflect on. There are the places seen, the people met, and the many, many lessons learned on life in a trailer.

    So it's the end of the road. Tomorrow’s the drive home and then Evangeline gets put in storage—until the next road trip. Say your goodbyes.


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    Day 59: Live from the Mall of America

    With time running out, the crew makes a day of it at the mall! But not just any mall—join Janice and Dan under a roller coaster at the Mall of America, the largest, most overwhelming, mall you will ever know.

    Surrounded by all this excess, they start to think about how just last week they were in the middle of nowhere, where thrills were the stars at night and the stores were so small they didn’t have some basics. But now here they are!

    The three year old even gets in on the podcast today, joining in to talk about his favorite ride at the mall. Get an all-you-can-ride wristband and listen to The Hitch!

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    Day 58: The Days are Literally Numbered

    They’re back in Minneapolis and time is looping back on itself for Dan and Janice and family, as the time spent here two months ago feels closer than time spent in South Dakota last week. Time is a flat circle.

    But as their time in the trailer winds down, they start to think about how different things will be back at home, starting with the 13-year-old not being around all the time. He’s not around tonight either, now on his second sleepover in as many days.

    They know the time they’ve spent together is great, but also, that it’s now fleeting. Grab on to these last few days with Dan and Janice and don’t let go. Week eight--the very last week of this trip--begins here.

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    Day 57: How Far We’ve Come

    It’s almost done now. After a drive from Sioux Falls to Southwest Minneapolis, Janice and Dan pull into the last campground of the trip.

    Following the same route back as they did out allows them some perspective on just how much they’ve grown over this time. They’re no longer afraid to tow, able to make time and get gas and do all the things involved in pulling a trailer across America.

    Pulling into Minneapolis also gives them an opportunity to stock up on some things they’ve been unable to get in the smaller towns they’ve been frequently. But the land of plenty that is Minneapolis also makes them wistful for the simplicity of the places they’ve just left.

    It’s a mixed bag of emotions, hoist it into the trailer with Janice and Dan.

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    Day 56: Full Circle

    Dan and Janice return to the same campsite in Sioux Falls they were in seven weeks ago. And the contrast is striking: They know what they’re doing.

    Well, mostly.

    Janice does blow a fuse when cooking mac & cheese, but they just roll with it.

    And that’s how they deal with a lot of it now: They know enough to know that some things are no big deal and they don’t have to live in fear of all of it.

    Of course, there’s still the weather to fear, and rain in the future causes another change in their itinerary. Travel is about flexibility, so why not flex the trip once again.

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    Day 55: Ghost Town

    Janice and Dan spend the last wilderness day on the road driving down a long dirt road. What’s at the end? A little town called scenic. That sounds nice!

    Well, Scenic is not what the name might imply. It’s a ghost town, filled with ramshackle buildings and an oddly large number of metal cages. Oh, and an unfamiliar flag everywhere and brand-new banners advertising a worship service.

    Wait, what?

    Climb in the trailer listener, there's a story to tell.

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