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Join Dan and Janice as they talk travel, dream big, and set out on a new adventure in their 27' Airstream trailer, Evangeline. Out for 64 days on the road this summer with their 13-year-old, 3-year-old, and dog, they're exploring the American Southwest while navigating through life's challenges along the way. Listen weekly and come along for the ride!

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    Day 34: Campfire Stories.

    It took 34 days, but today Janice and Dan and the whole family did something that most people do on day one of camping: they had a campfire.

    Living on the road is very different than camping, and the rituals around camping are perhaps some of the biggest differences. But today they partook and did some cooking right on the fire.

    Join Janice and Dan for a meal of fire-baked potatoes and cake baked inside oranges directly on the coals. It's a rare episode about camping things!

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    Day 33: Opening the Refrigerator at Meow Wolf.

    Janice and Dan are joined outside the trailer by the 14-year-old to talk about today's surreal adventure at Meow Wolf!

    Part art installation, part interactive story, part surreal playground, part mind-blowing experience, Meow Wolf has fast become one of the biggest destinations in Santa Fe--and for good reason. The story of a family whose home contains a refrigerator that's a portal to other dimensions overlays an experience that's unlike almost anything they've experienced before.

    How do you talk about something so visually overwhelming with no visuals? How do you explain an experience that you just want to take others on? The challenge of talking about Meow Wolf is the challenge of talking about road trips generally. It's hard, but worth it.

    Open the fridge and climb in as week 5 takes on new dimensions.

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    Day 32: No Time and All the Time.

    It's a day Janice and Dan have been dreading for a while now: the halfway point of the trip. It feels like it's taken no time at all to get here while also feeling like it's taken all the time. But that's life on the road: things stretch and compress in ways that are hard to describe.

    Day 32 isn't all melancholy thoughts about the passage of time though, everyone dove deep into the rich culture of Santa Fe today with a trip to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, the New Mexico History Museum, and a stop at the Five and Dime to buy Frito Pie from the originator of this incredible food.

    What's Frito Pie you ask? Oh, Janice will be more than happy to enthusiastically explain.

    Grab a bag of Frito Pie and climb into Evangeline as Week 5 continues.

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    Day 31: Ghost Dogs.

    The beauty of this region almost doesn't seem real. Whether it's the incredible high desert mountains on the drive into town or the historic adobe buildings of Santa Fe, the beauty can almost be overwhelming.

    Oh a day that found Dan working outside and Janice taking the kids to the Santa Fe Children's Museum--one of those "regular life" days they've talked bout before--they wrap with a conversation about the haunted dog creamatorium down the street.

    No, really.

    Week 5 gets a little spooky, join in.

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    Day 30: Citytown.

    As Week 5 continues, Janice and Dan and the kids expore Santa Fe. Is it a city? A town? A Citytown? It feels both small and big at the same time.

    But size aside, it is a city rich with history and culture that almost feels like you've been transported to another place and time. Everything in the city is made from adobe. Even the Target! It makes navigating a little difficult, but getting lost just lets you see more of this astonishing place.

    Join Janice and Dan in Santa Fe as Week 5 continues.

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    Day 29: There's more to every place.

    Week 5 begins with Janice, Dan, Evangeline and the whole family finally away from the brutal heat of southern New Mexico and situated over 7,000 feet in the mountains outside Santa Fe.

    It's cool and beautiful and, well, the connectivity sucks but that's just more reason to head into town where they discover a tamale restaurant opened by a former luchador and remember again that there are stories everywhere you look.

    Speaking of stories, Janice shares one about an exploding toilet.

    Get in the trailer, week 5 starts here!

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    Day 28: The End of Something.

    Week 4 comes to a close with Dan and Janice sitting outside on their last night in Carlsbad, New Mexico.

    While it is the end of the first 28 days of the trip (catch up if you haven't listened to them all), it also feels like more than that. Dan and Janice try and figure out why exactly leaving this campsite and pushing north to Santa Fe feels so much like a chapter end and why even though there's still more than half the trip left, it feels like something is ending tonight.

    Listen to the final bird calls in Carlsbad and join them for the 7th day of the fourth week--the end of something but definitely not of the trip.

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    Day 27: The Truth is Out There.

    Today Dan, Janice, the 14-year-old, and the 4-year-old went to the UFO Festival in Roswell New Mexico! Home of the infamous UFO crash in 1947, Roswell has turned that infamy into a yearly festival, a museum, and a main street lined with alien tourist traps. Listener, it is pretty amazing.

    While everyone was ready for crowds of conspiracy theorists, what they found instead was a really fun festival--more county fair than flat earth convention--that happened to have men in black chasing aliens through the streets, a space-themed pet costume contest, alien photo ops, and more dusty rubber alien dioramas than anyone really could handle. Also, the 14-year-old had a run in with a murder ghost in a rock shop.

    Listener, the truth is out there and also on this episode of The Hitch. Come to Roswell with us.

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    Day 26: Going Underground.

    It's well over 100 degrees outside in Carlsbad New Mexico and the Heat Devil lurks to turn you cranky if you don't ward against him. But thankfully none of that matters because everyone spent the day at a cool 56 degrees 750 feet under the ground in Carlsbad Caverns!

    Easily among the top 5 National Parks Janice or Dan have ever visited, Carlsbad Caverns is truly a wondrous place. Almost impossible to describe on a podcast, it is an entire world underground filled with rock formations that seem more alien than earthly. And you can walk, unguided and unhurried through it all, marveling at every turn.

    Cool down with Janice and Dan as they attempt to tell you about the wonder that is Carlsbad Caverns!

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    Day 25: Birthdaycast!

    As week four rolls on, it's a day to celebrate! It's the youngests birthday--no longer a three year old, he's now FOUR and joins Janice and Dan to open today's episode. Also, it's the 4th of July but mostly it's a Birthdaycast today!

    It is incredibly hot--temperatures over 100 degrees so on this celebratory day everyone ends up in the pool a lot and this episode was recorded huddled in the shade underneath the trailer's awning, drip-drying and trying to escape the blazing sun.

    But birthday!

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